A press fitting is another reach for pipe work and fittings which are predominately metric, though the greater part of the pipe work is measured in supreme. You would require tiny different apparatuses for these fittings, to physically press the connection onto the pipe so it makes an impermeable fitting or seal. It can be the blend of both metal and plastic, however the component that presses and packs down onto the pipe is metal, and the pipe itself can be metal or plastic relying upon what kind of framework you are utilizing. A press fitting is reinforced onto the pipe. It is essentially for business use, in schools, temples and now more as of late lodging. It is more typical in houses since it is an airtight approach to plumb a home. Press style fittings provide a better, cleaner and water-tight seal for each of its application.

SS Press Fittings

Stainless Steel Press Fittings

Stainless Steel Press Fittings are product offering of press style joined press stainless steel fittings going in size from 1 ⁄ 2″ to 2″. This press style framework can be utilized with both Schedule 5 and Schedule 10 Stainless Steel pipe.

This SS press fittings framework is intended to eliminate establishment costs in the field for both business and modern applications. Much of the time, channeling that required threading or welding can be wiped out utilizing the press style framework. Moreover, you get a better and water-tight seal.

These press style fittings have a weight rating most extreme of 300psi utilizing the endorsed press devices. Establishment of most channeling frameworks is made less demanding utilizing the numerous connector style fittings that are accessible too. Furthermore 150 lb rib connector fittings are accessible too.

SS Press Fittings


The press style fittings incorporate a wide range, including connectors, tops, couplings, elbows, spines, manifolds, tees and unions. The range of press fitting is much more reliable than that of the welding process. Get a perfect, watertight seal by basically applying weight from the press fitting device. The press framework joins with consistent copper water tube in private and business consumable, hot, chilled and prepares water applications for pipes and HVAC frameworks. The Stainless steel press fittings are fit for a wide range of applications. Also, there are certain companies which sell these fittings at competitive rates and make available at bulk so that you can avail the best from them and use them to get better, water-tight seal!


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